This week, learn how to cook a delicious recipe with Lidl. This is a zucchini bruschetta and its poached egg. Hmmm!

In a new episode of “C’est si bon”, Lidl unveils a tasty new recipe this week. Make way for summer with this zucchini bruschetta in olive oil mouth watering. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Lidl Cuisine: a successful Youtube channel

Always first on prices, Lidl has also been for some time in the culinary arts. Indeed, the supermarket sign recently embarked on this new activity.

With success, the brand is no longer satisfied solely with to cut prices in stores. She created her Youtube channel where delicious cooking recipes are unveiled every week. We tell you more …

On the Lidl Cuisine channel, food lovers can be inspired daily by tasty recipes. And these are always done on a low budget.

Because the idea is there. For the brand, it is about praising its products, while cooking good and healthy. Last week, it was Audrey who taught us how to concoct a tabbouleh.

A healthy recipe fresh and ideal for summer. Two days ago, the young woman launched this time into the recipe for an ultra-refreshing blueberry milkshake.

To make her recipe, of course, she used Lidl products. Products that we can all find in store. Vanilla ice cream, almond milk, whole liquid cream or blueberries …

All of these ingredients are indeed available on the shelves at the discount store. And always at unbeatable prices. Not bad !

And to eat balanced and have fun at the same time, this time it is the Youtubeur Hervé who has decided to introduce us another summer recipe. Perfect !

For this 7th episode of #CESTSIBON on Lidl’s Instagram account, the young man took it into his head to prepare a tasty recipe of which he has the secret.

It’s about a zucchini bruschetta in olive oil and poached egg. Hmmm! To prepare his dish, the young chef hired the services of Michel Cymes.

A perfect recipe for summer

Yes, the famous PAF doctor also regularly intervenes in Lidl’s culinary programs. The former presenter of “Health Magazine” is there above all to bring a medical perspective on prepared recipes.

Thanks to him, we learn that the egg is an essential food for our health. In this episode, the doctor explained why we had to add eggs to our plates.

Rich in protein, this food, the basis of a balanced diet, has many advantages. The egg contains lutein. Michel Cymes underlined that it was an antioxidant. “There are also quite a few vitamins”, he added.

Suffice to say that the recipe for this zucchini bruschetta has all the good health aspects. Vegetables add here a touch of freshness. And they are also great for our body.

As we can see, on Lidl Cuisine there is therefore no lack of inspiration. Throughout the summer, the chain will be posting fabulous recipes online. to test on all occasions. So everyone to your aprons!

And to find even more inspiration, Lidl France regularly highlights in these departments all a lot of organic and local products. And of course, always at reduced prices of course!

Because eat well does not have to be a question of budget. This is certainly what contributes to the success of the German discounter.