Liangjiang New District publicly recruits 19 professional

  Original title: Public recruitment of 19 professional talents in Liangjiang New District

  Source: Chongqing release



  To further enhance the human resources supply capacity of Liangjiang New Area

  Strengthen the construction of high-end professional talent team

  Liangjiang New District is now facing the society

  Open recruitment of 19 professional recruits

  This recruitmentInvolved

  Economics, literature, law, medicine and other professional fields

  A total of 14 positions and 19 places

  Will provide competitive salary package

  Standard reference area is implemented by state-owned enterprises

  "Five social insurances and one housing fund" shall be paid in accordance with national regulations

  Other benefits

  According to the relevant regulations of the employing department and unit


  Job details


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registration time

  Deadline until 18:00, September 9, 2020


Registration Process

  Log in to the recruitment system of Liangjiang New District Human Resources Company (URL: to register, select a position for examination (each candidate can only apply for one position), and upload the original electronic file of the ID card at the same time. Reverse sides), electronic file of academic degree certificate, academic degree certification report on Xuexin website (computer web version), electronic file of relevant qualification certificate.

  2020 fresh graduates can register directly, and they need to upload the student status verification report and ID card on Xuexin Online.


  Application requirements

  Candidates must have good political qualities and support the party’s line, guidelines, and policies. Good conduct, no illegal or criminal conduct and bad credit records; meet the scope of the post setting of universities, academic (degree) requirements, professional conditions and qualifications, and be in good health. They are 30 years old and below. PhD students may appropriately relax the age.

  The deadline for age calculation is August 31, 2020.


  Prevention and control tips


  How to protect travelers in transportation?

  1. Wear a mask as required;

  2. Try to avoid touching public goods directly with your hands during the journey;

  3. You can carry quick-drying hand disinfectants or other effective hand disinfectants;

  4. Try to keep a distance from others (1 meter).


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