LG will continue to roll out updates to Android 11 and Android 12 on some of its smartphones, despite the closure of the manufacturer’s smartphone division. Good news for users who were concerned about keeping track of their device.

LG suivi Android - LG will continue to roll out Android 12 updates to select smartphones
Credit: LG

After several years of difficulties interspersed with innovations of all kinds, LG recently announced the closure of its smartphone division. Already in 2016, the manufacturer recorded unprecedented losses in this market: no less than 132 million dollars. Blame it on the LG G5’s failure. In 2019, the brand even decided to suspend the sale of these smartphones in France and other countries, the time to “take a step back ”.

Eventually, what had to happen happened and LG chose to pull out of the Chinese smartphone market as a first step. Nevertheless, this decision should soon have repercussions on all world markets. This shutdown of the company’s “Smartphone” activities will be phased in until July 31, 2021, date on which the smartphone division will be officially closed.

After this announcement from LG, a question then comes: What about the tracking of LG smartphones in circulation? Good news, since the manufacturer “will continue to provide support and software updates to customers of existing mobile products, for a period that will vary by region ”.

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A migration to Android 12 envisaged by LG

LG therefore intends to deploy updates for Android 11, but also Android 12. Indeed, the South Korean firm wishes to offer Android 12 to the owners of its latest smartphones. Thus, the LG Velvet, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G and the LG Wing, the famous smartphone with dual screen and rotating chassis, should therefore be able to migrate to the latest version of Google’s OS.

Of course, it will first be necessary to switch to Android 11. The manufacturer has already started the deployment of the update on Android 11 on many devices in 2020 and intends to continue the deployment this year, especially on LGs. G8X, G8S, Velvet 4G, Wing, K52 and K42.

LG specifies that the deployment schedule for these updates differs depending on the region. In addition, LG is keen not to give false hope to users and stresses that its policy regarding the monitoring of its smartphones is not fixed and could change in the coming months. In other words, there is no guarantee that the smartphones mentioned above will indeed be able to migrate to Android 11 or 12.

Source: Gizchina