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Today, 96% of Lexus SUV buyers in Western Europe choose a Hybrid version.

Lexus when will the million SUVs sold in Europe - Lexus: when will the million SUVs sold in Europe? - Auto Info

"This is an important step for the brand," the brand rightly pointed out in a press release. At the end of the previous financial year, the luxury car manufacturer exceeded the threshold of 500,000 SUVs sold on its European markets. Upward performance thanks to hybrid models. About half of the 500,000 Lexus SUVs sold in Europe were Hybrid versions, a proportion that has been increasing steadily. In 2019, at the end of November, Hybrids represented 63% of sales in the European region (also including Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus region, Turkey and Israel), up to '' 96% in Western European markets and even 100% in France.

Introduced in 2000, the RX 300 model inaugurated the Premium SUV concept. Currently available in its fourth generation, it has sold a total of 274,116 copies. The model can also claim to have also been the first Premium SUV to have a self-rechargeable hybrid version with the launch of the RX 400h in 2005.

Since then, the brand has surfed on the development of this self-rechargeable technology to make it one of the pillars of its SUV range, in particular with the NX launched in 2014 (139,831 units at the end of November 2019), and the new model compact UX marketed in early 2019 (18,700 vehicles at the end of November 2019). The Lexus SUV range will be enriched from 2020 with the UX 300e, the brand's first 100% electric model.

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