Lexus UX 300e, the first 100% electric vehicle from Japan – fleets automobiles

Lexus UX 300e the first 100 electric vehicle from Japan - Lexus UX 300e, the first 100% electric vehicle from Japan - fleets automobiles

With the Lexus UX 300e, Toyota's premium brand is launching its “Lexus Electrified” electric offensive. To begin with, therefore, the arrival at the end of the year of this UX 300e, the manufacturer's very first zero-emission model. This premium compact SUV will compete with the future Volkswagen ID.4 (see the brief) and other Volvo XC40 P8. Its design evolves very slightly compared to the hybrid versions, with exclusive 17 or 18 inch wheels and an "electric" badge on the sides. Not to mention, of course, two rear cargo doors on both sides of the vehicle. Two types of charging are in fact offered: normal (6.6 kW AC socket) and fast (50 kW DC socket).

Lexus UX 300e 315 km of range

Equipped with a 204 hp (300 Nm of torque) electric motor, this UX 300e can reach 160 km / h (limited) and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds. The 54.3 kW lithium-ion battery, equipped with a thermal cooling system, provides a range of 315 km (WLTP). Its location under the floor of the passenger compartment leads to an elevation of the seat in the rear seats, therefore less headroom (- 16 mm) for the passengers. But the trunk volume is increased by 47 l according to Lexus.

More electrical services

Thanks to the new Lexus Link connectivity system, the driver will be able to check the battery charge level and the remaining range on a smartphone application. He will also be able to program the remote charge of his UX 300e to take advantage of the best electricity prices. To make life easier for users, Lexus has also developed the Lexus Charging Network service. This will eventually provide access to Europe’s largest charging network, 160,000 public charging stations.

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