Lexus unveils the UX Art Car 2021 Zen Garden from - Lexus unveils the UX Art Car 2021, 'Zen Garden', from the Valencian studio Clap Studio - Marseille News .net

Lexus Spain unveils the images of UX real on which the Valencian study Clap Studio captured his winning proposal from the second edition of the design competition UX Art Car.

The images, which were made in the courtyard of the Alma Club in Madrid, allow us to appreciate the level of detail of the proposal of the “zen garden”, made of paper, and completely covers the body of the UX, the premium compact crossover from Lexus.

The Valencian study Clap Studio, trained by Jordi Iranzo and Angela Montagud completed in one month the production on a real UX of his proposal, winner of the second edition of the design competition Lexus UX Art Car.

The pillars on which the UX 250h, and on which the winners have made an artistic interpretation, are technology, design, innovation and detail.

At a time when the need to stop and meditate increases, Clap Studio was transported with Lexus to a world in which man and nature coexist in perfect harmony. “Our concept is a Zen garden which represents a state of mind: calm, pure conscience ”, state its creators of the winning design.

The concept of the Japanese garden brings together arbitrary / casual nature, who always finds a way to keep growing. And on the other hand the human hand perfection in charge of creating magic, symmetry and perfection and technology and innovation.

“In our zen garden Lexus represents perfect harmony, is the union of nature, technology and innovation. A creation of man with geometric lines and impeccable symmetry covered with vegetation ”, explains Iranzo.

“We used paper, an important part of Japanese culture, to represent Lexus greenery. The result is a work of art in which the paper, as a natural element, covers the exterior of the car giving it volume»Explains Montagud. Light, another essential element of Japanese culture, is responsible for transforming the Lexus UX 250h into a living element, because depending on its position, tone and intensity, it will generate a changing texture and color throughout. of the day.

In this second edition, six artists from Bilbao, Valencia, Madrid, Seville, Murcia and Barcelona competed for the winners thanks to the public vote on the site

Art as inspiration

Lexus UX Art Car is the Lexus Spain project that unites the brand with art. A project that takes the form of a national competition, with an international purpose.

Last edition, the Spanish representatives Antoñito and Manolín won with their proposal Gyorin Kozane (Scale Armor), the first prize of the Lexus UX Art Car competition at Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille 2019.