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Preparations on the basis of German vehicles are counted by tens or even hundreds. Rarer are the “general public” body kits dedicated to Asian vehicles, which are however known to be often modified, especially in Japan. This time, it is a Russian specialist in body kits which in its own way reinterprets the musculature of the Lexus RX and NX SUVs by providing them with enlarged wings and enveloping shields as well as an extravagant grille. The two body kits respectively named “Goemon” for the RX and “Kotaro” for the NX are offered for sale by SCL Global Concept on the eBay site.

Two complete kits for less than $ 10,000 each

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Lexus RX and NX by SCL Global Concept | Photos of body kits

Credit Photo – SCL Global Concept / eBay

The body kits offered by SCL Global Concept both include a front bumper as well as a ribbed hood, custom rocker panels, a double spoiler on the tailgate, wide fenders above the four wheel arches and a massive rear bumper with central exhaust outlet. The highlight of the show is undoubtedly the impressive grille which seems to extend the “hourglass” style initiated by Lexus to its climax. The points in the extension of the front lights make it possible to register a movement which converges all the patterns of the grille towards a central point. As a result, the front of the two SUVs looks like a giant mouth full of sharp teeth, especially since the Lexus logo was removed in the operation. At the rear, sportiness is required with a wide diffuser that overlooks a gaping trapezoidal exhaust outlet, surrounded on the NX by two additional rectangular LED lights recalling the world of Formula 1. Finally, large rims or wheel wideners will be necessary to fill the wheel wells inflated by the addition of fenders at the four corners. In terms of prices, you have to count on $ 6,825 (€ 6,100) for the “Kotaro” kit for the NX and $ 9,800 (€ 8,750) for the “Goemon” kit for the RX, excluding shipping costs.

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