In 2018, the Toyota Group launched its first seven-seater vehicle in Europe, driven by its Premium Lexus brand: the RX 450hL, a revelation!

A 7-seater SUV, resolutely top-of-the-range and perfectly in line with the times with its Hybrid engine, of which the manufacturer has been the expert since the first Toyota Prius appeared more than 20 years ago. Since this pioneering launch of the world's first production hybrid, the group has continued to develop its Hybrid technology, which is now available on almost all Toyota and Lexus ranges.

The RX 450hL SUV represents the most up-to-date peak of this line in Europe, and offers the comfort and versatility recognized by Lexus models in a setting. Robust, comfortable and over-equipped, this family vehicle is designed according to the brand's standards of excellence. Offered at a new price from € 78,690, its high-end character is not in doubt, but it is nonetheless very competitive against its competitors. The finding is even more convincing when you look at it on occasion.

The Lexus Préférence network currently has more than fifty low-mileage RX 450hL vehicles available at very attractive prices.

Here is a look back at the family hybrid SUV which brings together a number of advantages and on which the brand is currently launching an irresistible offer: from € 16 / Day (1) without take-back conditions!

Can't wait to find out what models are available?

Access now to vehicles in stock in the Lexus Préférence network: see availability.

Lexus Preference choice and serenity for your used Lexus - Lexus RX 450hL: the 7-seater Hybrid SUV arrives in used -

Style and modularity: 7 seats without compromise

If with the RX 450hL, happy customers now have a very practical third row of seats, this does not come at the expense of the elegant design of the iconic Lexus SUV. Compared to its traditional 5-seater version, the vehicle has been lengthened by 110 mm at the rear with a tailgate window drawing a steeper angle than on the two-row models. The passengers in the third row are therefore also pampered, and the cargo space benefits from increased modularity.

On this version, the second row can be split into a 40/20/40 and sliding configuration to facilitate access to the back seats. The rear pillar of the 5-seater version disappears, giving the roof a very aesthetic floating effect. The front end takes up the successful recipe, with its large, characteristic trapezoidal grille and its incisive LED headlamps, a technology which is of course also found in the rear lights.

Different according to the version (Luxury or Executive), the 20-inch rims with a sophisticated design reinforce the stature of the vehicle. The RX 450hL is no exception to the Lexus tradition: its standard equipment is bloated. Here is a simple extract:

  • Leather upholstery
  • 8-way electric front seats + 2 lumbar adjustment, heated & ventilated, driver's seat memory
  • Electrochromic and memory mirrors
  • Easy access and exits (driver's seat and electrically retractable steering wheel)
  • Automatic lighting of the lights, and LED from the headlights to the fog lights
  • Hill start assist (HAC)
  • Front & rear rearview camera and parking assist sensors (IPS)
  • Dual-zone automatic air conditioning
  • 12.3-inch touchscreen, connectivity latest generation smartphones and Lexus Link connected services

If the style, modularity and equipment of the luxury SUV already offer undeniable advantages, performance is far from being outdone, and guarantee its driver exhilarating sensations.

Lexus RX 450hL the 7 seater Hybrid SUV arrives in used - Lexus RX 450hL: the 7-seater Hybrid SUV arrives in used -

RX 450hL: 313 horsepower family hybrid SUV

By judiciously linking a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine to two electric motors, the RX 450hL offers very exciting performance for an SUV of this size, without neglecting its environmental awareness and consumption.

The dynamism thus remains at the rendezvous after its stretch to offer the sixth and seventh places. More than an alternative, the Lexus RX 450hL offers serious arguments to those looking for a complete and talented luxury family vehicle.

Its smoothness of driving, the comfort of its interior, the quality of its equipment make the Hybrid SUV a vehicle that benefits the whole family and adapts to its desires elsewhere.

Attractive offers on occasion

2 years after its release, the RX 450hL is occasionally entering the Lexus Préférence network, making it more attractive than ever. Offered in 7 seats at no extra cost compared to its junior 5-seat version, the models are numerous enough to offer a wide choice of configurations.

Most of these recent vehicles have very low mileage, ranging from 15,000 to 25,000 kilometers on average, and benefit from all the advantages associated with buying from the Lexus Préférence network.

This includes a warranty of up to 3 years depending on the model, roadside assistance and certification of a 140-point vehicle examination. For the undecided, a Money Back Guarantee is also appreciated.

The current offer, starting at just € 16 / day (1), should however easily convince future owners of these multi-talented SUVs available in the Lexus network.

Lexus Preference choice and serenity for your used Lexus - Lexus RX 450hL: the 7-seater Hybrid SUV arrives in used -

Curious to know more?

Discover all the RX 450hL models available immediately in the Lexus Préférence network: see availability.

(1) RX 450hL 4WD LUXE TECHNO NC from € 16 / day or € 479 / month (6), with no take-back condition. LOA * 60 months, 1st rent of € 10,000 followed by 59 rents of € 479. Total amount due in the event of acquisition: € 62,024. Example for a used LEXUS RX 450hL 4WD Luxe Techno NC vehicle priced at 49,500 €. LOA * 60 months, 1st rent of € 10,000 followed by 59 rents of € 479 / month excluding optional insurance. Purchase option: € 23,763 within the limit of 60 months & 75,000 km. Total amount due in the event of acquisition: € 62,024. Amounts expressed in TTC (excluding insurance). Offer reserved for individuals, valid while stocks last at participating Lexus distributors, at the rate in effect on the day the contract is taken out. List of eligible vehicles available from your Lexus dealer. Example based on a LEXUS RX 450hL with a date of first entry into service on 12/01/2018 and having traveled 20,000 km. At the end of the contract, return of the vehicle to your dealership with payment of the standard overhaul costs and any excess kilometers. Subject to acceptance by TOYOTA FRANCE FINANCEMENT, RCS 412 653 180 – – European insurance intermediary: n ° D-P3GY-MUFY9-27 available on