Launched in 2014 and restyled in 2017, the Lexus NX should soon be renewed, with the arrival of a second generation which will be presented this year. If it has already been surprised during road tests, still camouflaged, a video published on the internet, most certainly by mistake, already reveals it to us in its entirety.

We discover the style of the new Lexus NX, in its European version if we believe the presence of a German license plate. Externally, this new generation is more modern, and is in line with the latest productions of the Japanese manufacturer. It is characterized by certain stylistic evolutions, such as for example the disappearance of remote LED daytime running lights in the shape of arrows, which are now integrated into the optical units at the front.

Lexus NX (2021): a completely redesigned interior

The imposing Lexus signature grille is still there, and now sports vertical chrome facets suspended. In back, the light signature is now distinguished by a large luminous red strip which connects the two rear lights. The sides are more refined and less angular than the previous opus, signing the desire of Lexus to offer more elegant lines to his models.

It is inside that the changes are most obvious: the new interior of the future Lexus NX is clear, (…)

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