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Lexus are the most reliable cars on the market, a habit for Toyota's luxury brand, according to a survey by Which ?, a British consumer protection organization.

Lexus market king of reliability across the Channel Moniteur - Lexus market, king of reliability across the Channel - Moniteur Automobile

The analysis carried out by Which ?, carried out on a panel of more than 47,000 drivers in the United Kingdom (corresponding to nearly 59,000 private vehicles), places Lexus at the top of the most reliable brands thanks to two of its models: the compact CT 200h and the NX compact SUV. Included in the categories "new vehicles less than three years old" and "vehicles three to eight years old", the two Lexuses stood out for their reliability, breaking the necks of detractors of hybrid technology, a specialty of the Japanese manufacturer. Remember that 99.8% of the cars sold by Lexus to our British neighbors are hybrids. This study confirms the results already obtained by Lexus in a similar evaluation carried out by JD Power on the reliability of models sold in North America.

an irreproachable report

Operating a "simple" and controlled self-charging hybrid chain, the luxury arm of Toyota succeeds in optimizing the durability of its cars and relies on proven technology to avoid the pitfall of recurring or random breakdowns. So much so that the CT 200h presents an impeccable report while its uplifted sister reports a near perfect record. Enough to warrant a glowing comment from Wich? who warns future Lexus owners, “You just might forget what your mechanic's waiting room looks like. "

Something to satisfy Ewan Shepherd, Director of Lexus in the United Kingdom: “The results of the in-depth studies carried out by Which? once again confirm the enduring quality and craftsmanship built into every Lexus model. Building cars that owners can count on year after year is a fundamental goal of our company. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to always provide the highest levels of customer service. "

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