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With its very assertive off-road look, the Lexus J201 had to adopt an engine to match its plumage. It is therefore equipped with a V8 Magnusson Supercharged developing a power of 550 hp and truck torque reaching almost 750 Nm. Enough to get out of any difficult situation, on rocky or muddy terrain, even steep. This is timely, because this off-road prototype will be lined up at the start of the Rebelle Rally with a crew made up of champions Rachelle Croft and Taylor Pawley from “The X Elles”. The 100% female rally event lasts 10 days and spans more than 2,000 kilometers of rugged surfaces and harsh weather conditions across California and Nevada. Enough to put the J201 to the test in a real situation!


A big all-terrain preparation

Lexus J201 an all terrain prototype ready for any eventuality - Lexus J201: an all-terrain prototype ready for any eventuality - AutonewsStart the slideshow
Lexus J201 | Official photos of the off-road prototype made with Expedition Overland

Photo Credit – Lexus

Lexus, in partnership with Expedition Overland, wanted to make its civilized family SUV LX 570 a real competition beast dedicated to off-roading. The bet is rather successful with the J201, a surname which is directly inspired by the internal code of the chassis and the platform of the LX 570 (URJ201). In line with the premium manufacturer's productions, it respects the Japanese principle of “omotenashi” (hospitality, cultural adaptation). It should be understood that the SUV thus prepared has more than ever the capacity to adapt to any situation, by taking its occupants anywhere, without limits.

The formidable off-road capabilities of the J201 are ensured by a set of reinforced accessories such as the raised steel bumpers or the protection plates at the underbody. Height-adjustable suspensions raise the ride height by gaining up to 12 cm at the front and 10.5 cm at the rear. The 33-inch-high General Grabber X3 tires provide maximum grip on difficult terrain. They are associated with sturdy 17-inch rims that reveal drilled and ventilated discs pinched by high performance pads. A metal structure at roof level accommodates an LED bar and provides an additional storage area. Gasoline cans and a spare tire can be fitted in front of the tailgate at the rear. Finally, the trunk accommodates a set of integrated storage compartments housing many tools and accessories for maximum autonomy far from any civilization.

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