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While some cars stand the test of time, the Lexus IS 2019 is out of sync with other more modern luxury compact sedans on the market. In fact, she and the Infiniti Q50 are the oldest in the category, the current generation dating back to 2014.

Lexus has modernized the body and equipment for 2017. However, the new version will be launched next year as model 2021. In the meantime, the company tries to maintain the interest as well as it can, especially with a special edition Black Line 2019 that we have just tried.

Special how?

Based on the Lexus IS 300 AWD, it's available in three colors – Ultra White, Atomic Silver and Obsidian Black – but stands out especially visually from the black finish of its 18-inch Black Vapor Chrome split-spoke wheels, mirror housings and its thin rear spoiler. In addition, triple-beam LED headlamps.

The cabin has a heated F SPORT steering wheel with perforated leather and black wood (yes, wood on a sport steering wheel!), Very comfortable sports seats in NuLuxe black leather with exclusive red trim on the reinforcements. side and cushions with red trim on the central control block. There are also contrasting red stitching in different places.

Few people can take advantage of the Black Line edition, as only 150 units are allocated for Canada. However, at the time of writing, it was still possible to set one up on the Lexus website (the IS 2020 models are also there, by the way).

The set comes with several other options and some F SPORT accessories, which increases the price by $ 7,550 for a total of $ 51,100 before transportation and preparation costs. Is it worth it? In our opinion, no. A comparable version without the black elements costs about $ 1,000 less, but you can easily settle for a simple F SPORT 1 set ($ 3,850).

Lexus IS 300 Black Line 2019 Too Little Too Late - Lexus IS 300 Black Line 2019: Too Little, Too Late - The Car Guide

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

Choosing the right IS

Lexus has chosen to offer this special edition with the IS 300 AWD version, which is questionable, because it is not the best or the one that gives you the most for your money.

Its 3.5-liter V6 develops 260 horsepower and 236 lb-ft of torque, far less than the same engine in the IS 350 AWD, which delivers 311 horsepower and 280 lb-ft … without burning any more super gasoline, strangely (10.9 L / 100 km on average). The six-speed automatic is doing a good job, nothing more, while the all-wheel drive inspires confidence on a wet road.

If you do not necessarily want to have four-wheel drive or the sound of a V6, the basic version IS 300 propulsion is an excellent choice, possibly the best. Equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder 2.0 liter, it generates almost as much power (241 horsepower) as the V6 of the IS 300 AWD and especially more torque (258 lb-ft), most of which is accessible to low regime as during departures stopped.

That's not all: it is the only one with an automatic eight-speed transmission, which makes acceleration softer and also reduces the bill at the pump (9.5 L / 100 km on average).

1572555681 147 Lexus IS 300 Black Line 2019 Too Little Too Late - Lexus IS 300 Black Line 2019: Too Little, Too Late - The Car Guide

Photo: Guillaume Rivard

Not like German cars

Another reason why this version is recommended is that the Lexus IS is no longer the sports sedan it has been (especially since the abandonment of the very powerful IS F V8 engine). His direction, although precise, lacks sensations. In addition, ride comfort outweighs agility and true driving pleasure, even in Sport mode.

So, since it is useless to try to beat the German cars (especially as the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 have just renewed completely), better go there with ease and pay less for the purchase. The base IS 300 2019 is selling at a very attractive price of $ 41,050 and you will enjoy the same level of quality as with others, not to mention the extraordinary reliability of Lexus.

A final point that must be mentioned, however, is the poorly designed, outdated and really frustrating multimedia system to use – nothing to do with BMW iDrive or Mercedes-Benz MBUX, for example. It is controlled with a few buttons and a small rectangular mouse on the console, but it quickly becomes painful. Strongly the new generation!

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