Lexus drops mirror exterior mirrors –

Lexus will forget the mirror mirrors in favor of side cameras. More discreet, more aerodynamic but also more practical thanks to the features they offer, they should soon become widespread in Europe.

It's over for traditional mirrors at Lexus! Indeed, the classic side mirrors will be replaced by cameras and screens on all Lexus models. The premium manufacturer has already taken this step a few years ago in Japan by introducing a similar technology on the ES.

Today, this technology has come a long way and it even arrives in Europe where it is available on the ES 300h. For the moment, it is only an option (at 1900 euros all the same), but this allows to offer a larger lateral visibility area or even to eliminate blind spots in certain cases.

Drivers will now look at the two 5-inch screens positioned at each end of the dashboard. The cameras are integrated in thinner and more aerodynamic boxes which have the advantage of reducing aerodynamic noise at high speed. They have an integrated defrosting system and are not exposed to rain or snow thanks to their positioning.

More precise, more techno and more practical

The system is also equipped with a sensor that automatically reduces the glare of the headlights at night and also incorporates a blind spot sensor. Lexus therefore offers a rather innovative technology (already seen on the Audi e-tron and the Honda e for example) which is able to adapt according to the driver's actions. In other words, when the turn signals are activated or when reverse gear is engaged, the cameras adapt to adapt to offer a more adequate view for each maneuver. Obviously, when the action is finished, they automatically return to their classic setting. This functionality can also be deactivated depending on what drivers want.

Finally, a last function allows to better evaluate the distances thanks to an indication on the screens that works between 20 and 50 cm when the rear bumper approaches an obstacle.

The premium brand of the Toyota group will present this technology in European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2020 next month.

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