Lexus, the premium brand of the Toyota Group, plans to reduce the scope of sales of CT, IS and RC on the Old Continent.

The information, first relayed by Autocar, initially specified the cessation of the import of these three new models on the British market, before being extended to Western Europe.

A Lexus spokesperson confirmed the news to our colleagues at CarScoops: "(La) CT, IS and RC are leaving the Lexus lineup in Western Europe. This is part of a normal change in the product cycle. The RC F is not leaving the lineup and will continue to be available. The new IS will not be coming to Western Europe. "

For IS, the abandonment of its marketing in new condition is justified by a drop in its sales on the European market. The investment necessary for the development of a hybrid version is not justified either, Lexus preferring to redirect its resources towards the USA where the IS is only offered there in gasoline version.

Regarding the RC, only the 300h hybrid, powered by 223 horsepower, is withdrawn, unlike its 464 hp F version that Lexus intends to keep as the flagship of its technological know-how in sports.

The CT, finally, will taste a well-deserved retirement after having surveyed the roads since 2010. Consequently, it is the UX SUV which will take over as entry-level Lexus in France (starting price: 36,990 euros).

Source: Auto Plus

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