VIDEO. Lexus has sold a million vehicles in Europe and is retailing model by model.

Lexus, the premium brand of the Toyota group, announces that it has passed the milestone of one million vehicles sold in Europe since its arrival in 1990. It has therefore taken 30 years for the manufacturer to achieve what competitor Mercedes is doing in just over one year, but the performance remains remarkable considering that Lexus is an Asian firm much younger than its rivals. Remember that Infiniti, a high-end subsidiary of Nissan, had a much less glorious destiny on the Old Continent.

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Lexus 1 million sales in Europe Auto Plus - Lexus: 1 million sales in Europe - Auto PlusSUVs and hybrids lead the game

Of the 1,006,710 Lexus sold in Europe since 1990, more than half are SUVs, while the RX, the first vehicle of this type marketed by Lexus on the Old Continent, was only launched in 2000. On its own , it totals 289,284 sales. It is followed by the IS sedan, competing with the BMW 3 Series, which has sold 202,210 units. But this one has just been withdrawn from the catalog, like the MOT and the RC (except version F).

Lexus also reveals that hybrid vehicles, which have occupied a large part of its range for several years now, represent nearly 45% of its total European sales. They now account for more than 80% of the brand's annual registrations. Unsurprisingly, the least-sold Lexus model in Europe is the LFA supercar, of which 38 of the 500 units produced between 2010 and 2012 found buyers on our continent.

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