Tomorrow's fashion will be connected … or not! Levi's, the brand that pampers millennials, whose daily life is to live a good part of their lives on their laptop, understood and could only play the pioneers.

It is therefore with Google, who developed the technology "Jacquard", that the American brand has launched a connected version of the Trucker Jacket, invented half a century ago. Available for men and women, in classic version or Sherpa fur (machine washable), it is equipped with a chip located at the wrist that can interact with certain applications of his smartphone. Since 2014, Google tested its famous "Jacquard", a concept for connecting objects through an innovative weaving system. This is how wearable technology was born on clothes made with lead wires that, once connected via Bluetooth, can communicate with a mobile phone.

Four questions to Diana Dimitian, Levi's new CEO for Southern Europe

Why this partnership with Google and how was born this concept of connected jacket?

For 165 years, the Levi's® brand has been based on innovation, creativity and pioneering and disruptive spirit. Google brings its advanced technology and a platform that makes this digitization and these applications possible for clothing. When we think of denim, which is really one of the most resistant materials, we thought it was a good starting point for trying to introduce Jacquard technology. We have always been keen to bring together design and consumer expectations. This partnership takes us one step further: technology is integrated into one of our iconic products, with digital applications to satisfy everyday use. This is the future: to transform the denim material into a digital interface to facilitate movement and stay focused on important tasks.

How will this innovation change our lives?

When we wanted to create the very first Trucker jacket with Jacquard ™ by Google, we wanted to bring tangible benefits to our customers. It was not just about adding technology to add technology. For example, we first incorporated Google's technology into this Commuter Trucker jacket, which is popular with urban cyclists who appreciate certain technical features. The success was such that we expanded it to the main collection "Red Tab". Today, we live in an ultra-connected world, and it's a real challenge to communicate with consumers who want technology, but also values. This new generation is also looking for meaning. That's why a brand has to adapt to their way of life. This jacket allows our customers to personalize it according to their needs and to easily live the moment.

How does it work?

Using gestures on the jacket at the wrist, a miniaturized chip transmits its digital technology. You can access the navigation, receive notifications on the weather, traffic, the arrival of his VTC, his messages, his music and interact with many other things. New apps will be added to each version of the Trucker as it ages to improve. We have just launched this product, so it is still early to talk about future projects, but one thing is certain: the possibilities are endless.

Is connectivity compatible with sustainability?

Yes of course ! Today, our planet faces environmental and social challenges, from pollution to climate change, to the limit of resources. We can not continue to do as before if we want to secure our future. We bring our values ​​to our way of working, making sure that those who make our clothes are treated well. Just as the origin of our materials, which must also be done more responsibly. It requires investment and innovation to make our products more ethical and sustainable. Our focus is on reducing our impact on the environment through sectors such as water, chemicals, carbon footprint and workers.