Leveraging on the rich ecological base to speed up the upgrading of tourism experience, Jiange, reciting and living the Dashu Road Cultural Tourism Ecological Economy-Sichuan Online

NEWS AF4BF307C113D72F2A0754435C3C7924 - Leveraging on the rich ecological base to speed up the upgrading of tourism experience, Jiange, reciting and living the Dashu Road Cultural Tourism Ecological Economy-Sichuan Online

NEWS D9D466EE202B92F22E9276C5EE0EC439 - Leveraging on the rich ecological base to speed up the upgrading of tourism experience, Jiange, reciting and living the Dashu Road Cultural Tourism Ecological Economy-Sichuan Online

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On August 31, 7,803 ancient cypress trees "witnessed" the handover of the old and new administrative heads of the ancient cypress protection at Cuiyun Corridor Road in Jiange County, Guangyuan City. This was one of the first new signals of the change and development of Jiange, a famous tourist county in Tianfu.

After the handover ceremony, the interview group of "Viewing Changes in One Year · The First Batch of Famous Tourist Counties in Tianfu" walked into the ancient post road of Cuiyun Corridor and was attracted by the verdant and green Gübelin. Most of the 7,803 ancient cypress trees are over 1,000 years old. Such a rich ecological base is rare in Sichuan.

Leveraging on the rich ecological foundation, Jiange will read and live the "Ecological Classics" of the Dashu Road Cultural Tourism this year, continuously injecting new momentum into the development of cultural tourism.

Sichuan Online reporter Yang Yimao Xiang Chaolun

Cooper puts "ID card"

The sound of mobile phone scanning on the ancient post road of Cuiyun Corridor is endless, and the quiet "Green Great Wall" is lively.

The reporter saw that every Cooper has its own customized "ID card"-the QR code for electronic files. "You can see Cooper's number, name, story and other information with a single scan. Many tourists love to scan the code." Wang Xianfeng, director of the Jiange County Cultural Tourism and Sports Bureau, told reporters that the Cooper at Cuiyun Gallery hung up the QR code. It provides tourists with travel experiences such as popular science and research. "There is no single experience, and tourists can keep it."

The green context of Jiange County is still expanding, and the development line of ecological health tourism is getting longer and longer, and more tourists are starting to stay.

"It has a fragrant smell and a bit of sticky teeth." On August 31, in the Jianmen Dendrobium Health and Health Industrial Park, fresh Dendrobium made Chengdu tourist Xu Zhen "fresh".

Dendrobium of Jianmen Dendrobium is a unique local "darling" and one of the protagonists of Jiange's journey to create health and wellness. Wu Jian, executive director of Sichuan Wu's Biotechnology Co., Ltd., told reporters that the excellent ecological environment of Jiange provides the foundation for the cultivation of Dendrobium, and it is only the first step to build the Dendrobium Health Industrial Park in Jianmen. Jingting and others have also planned different leisure areas for tourists of different ages.

The scope of the Jianmen Dendrobium Health and Wellness Industrial Park is constantly expanding, and the leisure and tourism facilities are constantly improving. A demonstration park integrating tourism, leisure, health and tourism, and tourism in one is ready to emerge in Jiange.

Dashu Road Cultural Tourism Experience Upgrade Speeds Up

The development path of ecotourism cultivated by renewing things actually reveals the change and development path of Jiange's Dashu cultural tourism in the past year.

Burning Chibi, using a straw boat to borrow an arrow, visiting the thatched cottage… On the evening of August 31, plates of tofu named after the stories of the Three Kingdoms culture with different methods were served on the table. After becoming a famous tourist county in Tianfu, the famous Jianmen Tofu Banquet has been continuously given new cultural connotations.

"After eating a table of tofu banquet, it feels like revisiting "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms"." From the name of the dish to the presentation, the tofu delicacies endowed with the culture of the Three Kingdoms left a deep impression on Phoenix.com reporter Wang Yulin. As a gourmet brand in Jiange County, Jianmen tofu dishes currently have more than 200 varieties.

New things in cultural tourism are still being fermented in Jiange, and the cultural tourism experience of Dashu Road has accelerated. "The only Tianfu tourist county in Guangyuan City will realize the city's only real-life night tour cultural tourism project." Wang Xianfeng said.

The night tour project mentioned by Wang Xianfeng refers to the nation's first real-life cliff light performance show product-"Sword Gate Long Song", which will be unveiled at the end of September. On September 1st, the reporter came to the south gate of Jianmenguan Scenic Area. Wan Quanyou, Director of Strategic Planning Department of Overseas Chinese Town, introduced that "The Long Song of Jianmen" is based on a thousand-year history through Jianmen Shu Road, with Guanlou and cliffs as the carrier. , With the help of holographic projection, sound interaction and other scientific and technological means, light up the fantasy night sky of Jianmenguan Scenic Area and show "Guanai Culture", "Three Kingdoms Culture", "Poetry Culture" and so on.

After being rated as a famous tourist county in Tianfu, Jiange County has successfully signed a number of cultural and tourism projects such as Shidonggou Agriculture and Tourism Integration Industrial Park, Fengqi Bay Ecological Agriculture and Tourism Development, and Jianmenguan Bailang Three Kingdoms Cultural Hotel.

Quantitative changes cause qualitative changes. New "Internet celebrities" check-in points in Jiange County will soon follow. Tianci Food Street, Shuangqi Mei Village·Jianxi Valley, Hot Spring Town, etc. will change the traditional tourism methods of Jiange County. It is worth mentioning that the Tianci Food Street will start trial operation on September 18 at the earliest.

Jiange Travel Tips

High-level preparation and promotion plan

Invite a first-class professional planning and design company in the province to compile the "Overall Upgrade Plan for Jianmenguan Scenic Area of ​​Jianmen Shu Road", clarify the upgrade of the suspended glass plank road in 2019-2022, the construction of the main landscape of Cuiping Peak, the construction of cliff light and shadow experience products, and tourist toilets Implementation content such as transformation.

Development night tour

To create the country’s first real-life cliff lighting performance show product-"The Long Song of Jianmen", with the main line of passing through the thousand-year history of Jianmen and Shu Road, using holographic projection, sound interaction and other technological means to light up the night sky of Jianmen Pass. Operates at the end of September.

Development Research

Carry out research activities such as the experience of the source of "Difficulties in Shu" and the patriotism education of the Red Army to overcome Jianmenguan. At present, Jianmenguan has become one of the first demonstration bases for research and study travel in Guangyuan City, and it has also been included in the core point of the "Three Kingdoms Cultural Study Tour" in Sichuan Province.

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