Let’s take part in the “show” and “disc” together. It’s a nice gift! – Sina

  Original title: Let’s take part in "showing" and publishing "CD-ROM" together, it’s a good courtesy!

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  The second issue of "Yujian Civilization e Start" is here!


  The topic of this issue isEat civilized, act on CD

  You can shoot

  Eat CDs, pack and take away, use public chopsticks and spoons

  Orderly meal without jumping in line, volunteers in action, etc.

  Can also shoot

  Study on topics related to "eating civilization"

  Public welfare posters, practical activities, etc.

  The prizes of this event are very rich!

  Come and contribute~

  Contribution entry

  Enter "Civilized Chongqing" WeChat public account

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  Surprise prize

  First place (1 place)

  A milk delivery card worth 300 yuan

  Second place (2 places)

  A milk delivery card worth 200 yuan

  Third place (3 places)

  A milk delivery card worth 100 yuan

  Fourth place (44)

  Get a surprise red envelope

  Photo requirements

  1. The submitted photos are in single, color, JPG format, and the size does not exceed 5M;

  2. Submissions must be original, and post-processing of pictures is strictly prohibited;

  3. Manuscript collection is limited to the scope of Chongqing City, and the subject of the manuscript's picture must conform to the theme of the solicitation of this period;

  4. Please indicate the shooting location, shooting time, author's name, contact number and mailing address for the submission. If you do not provide the contact number and mailing address, it will be deemed to automatically give up the prize;

  5. All legal issues such as copyright and portrait rights involved in the submitted work shall be borne by the submitter himself.


  Love food and save food, never give up

  Be a civilized "foodie" together


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  View more event rules


  Prevention and control tips

  How to protect travelers in transportation?

  1. Wear a mask as required;

  2. Try to avoid touching public goods directly with your hands during the journey;

  3. You can carry quick-drying hand disinfectants or other effective hand disinfectants;

  4. Try to keep a distance from others (1 meter).


  Everyone is watching


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  Editor: Wang Bin

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