Less fatigue thanks to Jaguar Land Rover's noise reduction system – Sudinfo.be

This technology, introduced on the new Jaguar F-PACE and XF, as well as the Range Rover Velar, reduces unwanted sound peaks by 10 dB and the overall noise level by 3-4 dB – the equivalent of a decrease in noise. four "volume" audio system. This significant reduction in exposure to low-frequency noise up to 300 Hz helps, according to Jaguar Land Rover, to prevent driver fatigue on long journeys; the average reaction time of a tired driver is 16.72% higher than that of an alert driver. Using sensors on each wheel, Active Noise Reduction continuously monitors surface vibrations and calculates the reverse sound waves needed to cancel the noise heard by occupants. This real-time control isolates and suppresses noise from potholes and uneven surfaces. The cancellation sound is played through the audio system as the vehicle checks seat occupancy to optimize the performance of the active reduction system for the driver and all passengers!

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