Leclerc surprised and "sad" at Ferrari pace at Spa –

On an engine power track like Spa, the sluggish and inefficient Ferrari SF1000 did not really give Charles Leclerc high hopes before the start of the weekend. The first day of the Belgian Grand Prix will not really help matters.

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The Monegasque and his teammate Sebastian Vettel respectively finished 14th and 15th in FP1, then 15th and 17th in FP2. For Leclerc, the delay on the leader Max Verstappen was 1.6 seconds and that on the top 10 by more than eight tenths; his best time in the second session of the event was 1.3 seconds slower than in the same session 12 months earlier.

"It's probably a surprise to be so far behind, especially in FP2", observed Leclerc at the exit of his car. "We tried a lot of things. At first I tested something pretty aggressive with the downforce, but it didn't really work. We came back to that."

“We're just lacking in pace right now. We have to work hard to get back, but I don't expect miracles for this weekend. It doesn't smell good, and it's sad to see Ferrari though away. As always, our job as drivers is to do our best, and that's exactly what Seb and I are trying to do in the car. "

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And, while the rain could come to disrupt the rest of the weekend, Leclerc believes that it would not necessarily be of great help to the Scuderia, perhaps even the reverse. "We're having trouble with the balance this weekend. Normally in the rain the balance only gets worse, and the problems you have in the dry are worse when it's wet. I think it does. will be difficult if we do not find a solution to correct the balance problems we have today. "

Vettel, two tenths behind his teammate in FP2, was beaten by George Russell's Williams. "I guess that means we're not where we should be. We're currently looking for options with the settings. We tested a lot this afternoon. Then we started over and tried again, something different. . I'm sure it will be a little better tomorrow. I don't know what the weather will be like but yes, we'll take care of it tomorrow. "

Leclerc surprised and quotsadquot at Ferrari pace at Spa - Leclerc surprised and "sad" at Ferrari pace at Spa -

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