In the week, rumors emerged concerning the possible takeover of the Aston Martin brand by a Chinese manufacturer, which Lawrence Stroll has just denied.

Lawrence Stroll, who became Executive Chairman at Aston Martin, saved the British firm by investing in capital with the help of his consortium.

Aston Martin is not in danger

With nearly 660 million euros of investment in the Gaydon brand, Aston Martin was saved from the waters by Lawrence Stroll and now propelling the firm to the forefront of marketing by rebadging Racing Point by Aston Martin F1.

While the program initially planned to return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in the HYPERCAR class, with the Valkyrie has been put “to sleep” (not to say canceled), it is the F1 program which has been privileged to return to it. the brand, in fact Aston Martin has already been present in F1 with 5 appearances in the championship (1959-1960).

The rumor came from journalist Joe Saward’s blog who speculated the following: “This morning there was an interesting story from China’s East Money, a website that monitors financial markets, which suggested that Chinese company BYD Auto Company is preparing to acquire auto company Aston Martin as part of a deal. who value the company Britain to £ 4.1 billion. “

But Lawrence Stroll was keen to deny this idea and described a rumor that he could not sell it to a Chinese consortium, claiming this as a “absolute bullshit and totally false”, according to an Aston Martin spokesperson, who added that he “Could not be more excited and sincerely believes in the team’s long life in terms of future success.”