Last mile with the Mercedes-Benz eScooter –

Mercedes-Benz is developing numerous concepts for many aspects of mobility. With its new fully electric EQ family, the company is already meeting the needs of a wide range of target groups including the eScooter.

Growing demand for e-commerce delivery will translate to 36% more delivery vehicles in city centers by 2030, leading to increased emissions and traffic congestion without effective intervention. Without effective intervention, emissions from urban last-mile deliveries and traffic congestion are poised to increase by more than 30% in the world's top 100 cities. But it is not just delivery, cars in city centers will disappear and suddenly a movement initiated a few years ago, but often poorly executed by cities, has emerged through more bicycles, scooters and others. electric vehicles to transport people on their last kilometers to go to work, or return home….

With the eScooter, Mercedes-Benz goes even further by bringing to market an emission-free solution for the last kilometers of the journey. The Mercedes-Benz eScooter was designed with one thing in mind: longevity. The use of high quality components and materials allows mileage of over 5,000 kilometers. Thanks to its low weight and intuitive folding mechanism, the eScooter can be easily transported in the trunk or taken on public transport and scores top marks for range, safety and design.

The eScooter, which Mercedes-Benz is launching in collaboration with Micro Mobility, is stylish. It enables the Stuttgart-based automaker to meet the needs of many customers for flexible and individual mobility solutions, particularly in urban transport. Emission-free micro-mobility is a valuable element on the road to liveable cities with a smart traffic mix and thus contributes to improving air quality. In addition, it perfectly matches the modern urban lifestyle. Especially when using their own eScooter, the driver can count on an ideal and practical product at all times. And, since it can be taken anywhere, it poses no burden on the public space.

Last mile

The eScooter has an intuitive folding mechanism, which can be operated with a simple press of the foot. The handlebars also fold up for convenient transport before cruising the final kilometers with its light weight of around 13.5 kg.

The electric motor, with a maximum power of 500 W, quickly accelerates the eScooter to the 20 km / h allowed in Germany and the 7.8 Ah battery offers a range of up to 25 km. The dashboard is wide and has a non-slip coating, with plenty of room for both feet. The eScooter has front and rear suspension and is fitted with 20cm diameter rubber wheels that effortlessly handle uneven surfaces like cobblestones.

The retractable steering column is smoothly adjustable to the height of the rider. The ergonomically shaped handlebars include a right hand throttle and a left hand brake, as well as an integrated bell. The central display shows speed, battery level and driving mode at a glance. For braking, it is equipped with a rear drum brake and a brake pedal on the skid plate. The front and rear lights are suitable for road traffic, the side reflectors allow you to drive at any time, even in the dark.

The eScooter recharges in approximately 3 to 3.5 hours using a standard household outlet and reaches 70% charge in just over two hours. Mercedes-Benz also plans to offer a Bluetooth® connection and a docking station in its vehicles, which will allow charging during the journey. The Mercedes-Benz eScooter is approved for use on public roads in Germany.


A useful additional feature is the connectivity with the Micro app. The Mercedes-Benz eScooter connects via Bluetooth® to the smartphone, which can be attached to a holder on the handlebars. Valuable information provided to the driver on speed, distance, travel time and battery state of charge can be accessed through the app. The integrated navigation system also displays the shortest route to the destination on the screen. In addition, various functions such as lighting or the driving mode of the eScooter can be managed directly via the app.

Last mile with the Mercedes Benz eScooter - Last mile with the Mercedes-Benz eScooter -

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