celine cuisine - Lannion.  Céline's online cooking recipes
Céline Rémy-Bossard offers simple recipes every week, made directly from her kitchen in Lannion. (© DR)

To maintain the link with the inhabitants of the Ker-Uhel district in Lannion, Céline Rémy-Bossard, director of the L’Horizon social center, produces every Tuesday live cooking recipes on Facebook.

The director launched into the live at the time of the first confinement. It must be said that she already led the cooking workshops given each week at the center.

In turn, 80 residents of the neighborhood took part.

Break the isolation

“We cook and eat together. These workshops make it possible to break isolation, to create social ties and friendship, to find themselves in a good mood, ”explains Céline Rémy-Bossard. It all started with this observation:

“The neighborhood has a lot of single people who don’t cook family meals. By preparing and eating a veal blanquette, it awakens memories. It’s a bit of a Proust madeleine for people. “

Celine Rémy-BossardDirector of the L’Horizon social center

With the successive double shutdown of activities at the social center, it was essential to “keep the link. What worries us a lot is that people are afraid to come back to do activities, even with confinement finished and with barrier gestures ”.

Filmed in her kitchen

So she decided to transpose the culinary experience on the Facebook page of L’Horizon which was starting at the time. Inspired by Cyril Lignac’s eponymous show on M6, the conductor plays the game thoroughly.

“I put my two daughters to work to film myself in my kitchen. I don’t pretend to be a cook but it’s really our credo at the social center: everyone has skills. “

Celine Rémy-Bossard

Simple and inexpensive recipes

Very comfortable in front of the smartphone, Céline Rémy-Bossard realizes recipes “very simple and inexpensive, with what you find in the fridge, for one or more people”.

The idea is to “give the impression of being with the Internet user. The direct gives the possibility of dialogue, as if we were together. I try to be funny. Even if it’s a stopgap, I bring good humor, a little joy ”.

Also in replay

At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, six to fourteen people are watching the show live. The replay flirts or exceeds 500 views, the comments are enthusiastic. In short, the mayonnaise has taken.

“Until the summer, we were around 180 views. There was tremendous word of mouth. I never imagined that we were going to be watched so much in replay. Some watch the live then the replay to make the recipe at their own pace. “

An inventive team

This cooking class symbolizes the will of the team of social centers of Lannion to maintain contact with the inhabitants. Each usual meeting thus finds a variation online or otherwise: tutorials for creative workshops with the Saint-Elivet center, greeting cards for shared New Years …

“The Covid forced us to reinvent, we surpassed ourselves”, remarks the director. Hoping that this parenthesis, however inventive it may be, does not last too long.

cuisine3 - Lannion.  Céline's online cooking recipes
Tuesday, January 19, for her recipe online, Céline received in Lannion the reinforcement of Michelle for the endive with ham. (© Facebook screenshot)

After having devoted programs to cabbage and squash, in reference to the products of the Citizen’s Council’s P’tit cabas, then to the Christmas menu, in January it is time for “detox” recipes.

So on January 19, it was the endive with braised ham made with Michelle. Because after the holidays, “we’ll have to eat a little more vegetables…”.