One million copies of Range Rover Sport, for a constructor like Land Rover, it is certainly a historic moment that deserves to be highlighted.

You have to go back to 2005 to see the very first generation of the Range Rover Sport. More dynamic and, above all, more affordable, the Range Rover Sport is being built on the LR3 platform, the family adventurer. Thanks to this subterfuge, Land Rover can offer a cheaper product while maintaining the exceptional off-road capabilities recognized by the brand. The success is instantaneous, Land Rover discovers a whole new clientele, younger, and the stars tear it up.

With the first generation which sells like hot cakes, we relaunch a second generation in 2013. History of marking the association of Jaguar and Land Rover with the series of films James bond, it is none other than the English actor Daniel Craig who unveils the SUV during a jaunt on the Brooklyn Bridge and then towards the New York Auto Show.

The Range Rover Sport hasn’t just made appearances in a series of films, including several James bond, he also has a host of achievements and records to his credit. He has a speed record at the famous and demanding Pikes Peak having covered a distance of 19.99 kilometers in a time of 12 minutes 36 seconds and 61 hundredths; it therefore maintained an average speed of 95 kilometers per hour. In the same vein, he holds in hand the record for crossing the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia.

In 2018, to launch the high-performance SVR version, Land Rover traveled to China to complete the famous and extreme course of Tianmen Mountain Road, a tangle of hairpin bends on the rise. And while we’re at it, why not do the Dragon Road… watch the video below, you’ll understand!

So it was last December that Land Rover built the millionth Range Rover Sport at the Solihull plant in England. Today, Range Rover Sport comes in multiple versions ranging from the plug-in hybrid to the high-performance SVR variant. Its prices range from $ 82,200 to over $ 135,000.