Land Rover: Evoque and Discovery Sport switch to E85 bioethanol –

Land Rover arrives with a novelty in its range for the start of the 2020 school year. The English manufacturer is offering a “Flexfuel hybrid” version on the Evoque and Discovery Sport. Land Rover is therefore the only manufacturer to offer an engine compatible with E85 bioethanol in 2020, even if we already know that Ford, which has already offered a Kuga E85 in 2019, will return to this market very soon.

Completely designed in-house, the E85 box is installed on the smallest petrol engine in the range, the P200. It is a 4-cylinder turbo with MHEV mild hybridization developing 200 hp for 320 Nm of torque. The arrival of these “E85” versions does not come with a price increase, the prices remaining identical to those of the old P200. Count still 45,860 euros for the Discovery Sport and 46,050 euros for the Evoque.

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Land Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport switch to E85 bioethanol - Land Rover: Evoque and Discovery Sport switch to E85 bioethanol -
SP / Land Rover

No more ecological penalty!

In reality, the customer wins because E85 bioethanol has several advantages: the gray card is free in most regions, professionals are exempt from TVS and despite overconsumption of around 25% compared to unleaded 95 , bioethanol allows great savings at the pump since a liter of E85 costs less than 70 cents, on average.

Finally, vehicles running on bioethanol benefit from a reduction of 40% on CO2 emissions. Enough to allow these two models to escape the ecological penalty, whereas it was previously several thousand euros!

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