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Land Rover Defender postponed due to Covid Le Blog - Land Rover Defender postponed due to Covid - Le Blog Auto

The new Land Rover Defender, an indirect victim of the Covid crisis. Due to major supply problems, production delays are such that the marketing of the new model had to be postponed by the manufacturer.

Postponement of the Land Rover Defender due to supply difficulties

“The production of the Defender 90 and the first deliveries to customers have been delayed for reasons beyond our control. We expect the Defender 90 to be available to order from September 2020. The Defender 110 can be ordered now, ”says Land Rover.

The Defender's assembly line is indeed heavily impacted by the current crisis: the short chassis version will not be available until early next year.

A Land Rover spokesperson confirmed to Automotive News that sourcing parts from suppliers is proving difficult due to the current environment and that it would not be possible to start production of the Defender 90 with the end of the year, at best.

Slovakia plant slows down, orders pending

The factory in Nitra in Slovakia, the only site where the Defender is assembled, is now forced to idle. Generating a very significant delay in production.

The Spanish media thus indicates that nearly 20,000 orders are currently pending. At the moment, only the Defender 110 are manufactured. The Defender 90 will not be produced until the end of 2020 / early 2021. As a result, it will be marketed as a 2021 model. Delays will accumulate in all markets where Land Rover operates.

When the manufacturer manages to resolve the bottleneck related to the lack of components, it should logically organize production at the plant with at least two work teams. A third shift could be temporarily activated if demand continues to grow and the coronavirus crisis does not call into question the list of pending orders.

Our opinion, by

The collateral damage generated by the Covid-19 crisis should multiply in the coming weeks. Creating new constraints for manufacturers in an already very tense context.

This is yet another obstacle for Land Rover which it would have done well as the automotive group faces significant financial difficulties.

The marketing of the new Defender is indeed an event for the brand, which has multiplied the announcements around this model. The manufacturer is betting on the vehicle to allow it to straighten the bar.

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