Land Rover Defender 90 to arrive until 2021 –

The British manufacturer announced several days ago that the marketing of the Defender 90 (its short version) will not begin before the end of 2020 or even the beginning of 2021. These delays are due to major supply problems following the Covid-19 crisis.

“The production of the Defender 90 and the first deliveries to customers have been delayed for reasons beyond our control. We expect the Defender 90 to be available to order from September 2020. The Defender 110, however, can be ordered now ”. It was with these words that Land Rover announced the bad news on its website.

If the arrival of the Defender 90 is delayed by several months, the long version (110) is not spared either. In fact, the Nitra plant in Slovakia, the only production site for the new Defender, nearly 20,000 orders are currently pending.

Why is the factory unable to produce them? Because of the Covid-19. Because of supply problems following the health crisis to be precise. We must now hope for the British manufacturer that this shortage of parts is not too long.

Small message for customers waiting for their copy: be patient, the adventure will only be more beautiful.

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