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2020 – Land Rover Defender P400 test – The irreplaceable had to be replaced. Even if it means shocking, disappointing, or distorting.

Solution 1: design a small, simple, robust and stripped-down model, at the risk of being faced with the Suzuki Jimny. Solution 2: Ride the Defender’s historic backpacker image, but take the opportunity to give it a neat appearance, hand-picked equipment and deck it out with sleek luxury.

Solution 2 retained, here is the result: a model able to hunt, with or without its dog, but capable of cruising at reprehensible speeds, without piercing the occupants' eardrums. The next generation Defender has more than one string to its bow.

Already, he is welcoming. Good-bye the hard plastics of its predecessor, welcome the perfectly finished dashboard which, not to be confused with that of a Range Rover, has the good taste to take over certain stylistic details reminiscent of the Defender of yesteryear.

There is therefore a large and practical storage that runs over the entire dashboard and overlooks the glove box. And voluntarily visible screw heads, to give themselves an allegedly rustic air.

Land Rover Defender 2020 test worthy heir Auto Moto - Land Rover Defender (2020) test: worthy heir? - Auto Moto

Photos Matthieu Lequimener

The charm works, works wonderfully, but the whole is nothing like the icon, which has been in the catalog for sixty-seven years. As far as the technological paraphernalia is more than up to date, that every detail has been carefully considered, from the shape of each button to the typography and color coding used on the digital panels.

In short, the presentation is perfect. The roominess is very generous and the trunk, accessed by a door that opens like a refrigerator, is huge. On the other hand, we still do not “fall” in a Defender, we climb it.

If it remains available in 90, in short version (4.58 meters), with diesel engines of 200 or 240 hp, English is also included in the catalog in this long version (5.02 m), called 110, with between the front legs a three-liter inline six-cylinder turbo “micro-hybridized” of 400 hp. You read that right: four hundred.

Inordinate power, which has nothing in common with what the Land of yesteryear offered. But he, the new one, can take this cavalry without flinching. Already, because it has the advantage of riding straight, a feat that it owes to its guts: instead of rigid axles bolted to a ladder frame, the "dif" is based on the D7x platform.

It is a monocoque aluminum frame, reinforced with forged steel elements, to gain in strength. On this, are fixed a front axle with double wishbones, and a multi-link rear axle. Revolution.

1596279610 818 Land Rover Defender 2020 test worthy heir Auto Moto - Land Rover Defender (2020) test: worthy heir? - Auto Moto

Photos Matthieu Lequimener

These characteristics appear to be those of a road-oriented SUV. And it is true that, before arriving on a minefield, the English impresses with its aptitude for eating asphalt. It is comfortable, thanks to pneumatic controlled damping, and well maintained.

Despite its whale weight, the Defender adapts perfectly to any course. But it is at the approach of mud, sand, holes, stones and tree trunks across the path that it stands out from the classic 4 × 4 of the beautiful neighborhoods, for whom climbing a sidewalk constitutes the project of a lifetime.

Able to increase its ground clearance to 29 cm and with pre-programmed driving modes according to the difficulty to be crossed, the Defender does feats.

When you're hesitant to venture into a hole on foot, it's hard to imagine that you can throw your brand new 4 × 4 in. And yet … Well aided by a multitude of features dedicated to crossing, including a descent aid and a system reproducing on the screen what hides the front cover, the Defender truly impresses.

The hardest part is the decision-making: that of rolling on flints or throwing into a rut, in the middle of the brambles, an extraordinary machine which, in the exposed configuration, is negotiated at 83 300 € without options. And whose bonus reaches € 20,000. And to think that it has long been said that the old Defender was too expensive …

Land Rover Defender 110 test: our opinion

A wonder full of charm, comfortable, with crazy crossing abilities and convincing road skills. This Defender’s biggest flaw, aside from its elite pricing, is its heritage: it offers so much more than its predecessor it will never be forgotten.

1596279610 991 Land Rover Defender 2020 test worthy heir Auto Moto - Land Rover Defender (2020) test: worthy heir? - Auto Moto

Photos Matthieu Lequimener

WE love

  • Extreme versatility
  • Always on top off-road skills
  • Comfort, luxury and presentation

We like less

  • Rate
  • Imposing template
  • Consumption in P400
  • Malus of € 20,000

Technical sheet (Land Rover Defender 110 P400 MHEV)

  • Engine: front, longitudinal, 6-cylinder in-line, petrol, turbo, direct injection, 24 valves, micro-hybridization, stop & start, 2996 cm33
  • Transmission: traction, robotized double clutch, 7 speeds
  • Power (hp @ rpm): 400 to 5,500
  • Torque (Nm at rpm): 550 to 2,000
  • Empty weight (kg): 2 361
  • Long x wide x high (m): 5.02 × 2.01 × 1.97 *
  • Wheelbase (m): 3.02
  • Turning diameter (m): 12.8
  • Ground clearance (cm): up to 29.1
  • Angle of attack: 38 °
  • Departure angle: 40 °
  • Tank (l): 88.5
  • Max speed (km / h): 191
  • 0 to 100 km / h (s): 6.1
  • Test tires: 255/60 R 20
  • Test tires: Pirelli Scorpion Zero
  • Conso. combined WLTP (l / 100 km): 11.4
  • Conso. during the test (l / 100 km): 12.2
  • CO2 (g / km): 259
  • Malus: € 20,000
  • Chest 5/2 (l): 857/1 946
  • Front / rear elbow width (cm): 162/159
  • Rear legroom (cm): 77
  • Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  • Warranty: 3 years / 100,000 km
  • Fiscal power: 29 CV
  • Price of the tested version: 91 830 €

* (width mirrors folded, length with spare wheel)

PROPOSED RANGE (Land Rover Defender 110)
Gasoline, from 300 to 400 hp, from € 60,200 to € 99,200
Diesel, 200 to 240 hp, from 55,900 € to 75,200 €


  • 7-seater configuration: € 1,336
  • Rear differential lock active: € 1,234
  • Electrically retractable towing hook: € 1,331
  • Towing assistance system: € 428
  • 3-zone automatic air conditioning: € 1,204
  • Air quality sensor: 82 €
  • Air ionization in the passenger compartment: € 133
  • Bodywork protection film: € 4,240
  • Black roof rails: 306 €
  • All-terrain tires: € 306
  • 22-inch alloy wheels: € 2,907


  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2.0 turbo 272 hp, from € 50,900
  • Mercedes-AMG G 63, 585 hp, from 167,101 €
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8 D-4D (diesel) 177 hp, from € 45,100

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