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At Lamborghini, there are different models. There are of course the unwavering Aventador and Huracan, but recently, customers of the bull brand can also drive the Urus again.

These three models have a different philosophy and therefore a different clientele. The Aventador plays on hyper-sportiness, while the urus is more family-oriented and completely in tune with the times. Carwow's YouTube channel compared these three models in a Drag Race.

The objective is clear, you just have to accelerate as suddenly as possible to reach the finish line first, located 400 m further on. These three models have three different engines, the Urus has a V8, while the Huracan and Aventador have a V10 and V12 respectively. In addition, the powers delivered by each model vary, it is 650 hp for the Urus, 640 hp for the Huracan Performante and even 750 hp for the Aventador SV.

The Lamborghini Urus is of course the heaviest of the three with no less than 2,200 kg on the scale. The Aventador weighs 1575 kg and the Huracan weighs only 1382 kg. We're not going to tell you which of the three will cross the finish line first, just watch the video!

However, the Urus, as opulent as it is, does well. We have probably one of the fastest SUVs in the world. As for the Huracan Performante, it tends to tease its big sister, the Aventador SV, which is however very powerful itself. The Huracan Performante has the advantage of having a double clutch gearbox and low weight.

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