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Lamborghini decided to explore an area quite unexpected for a luxury car builder. The Italian brand has indeed started working with a hospital called the Houston Methodist Research Institute.

According to the information, their common goal is to examine the effects of the extreme environment of space on composite materials.

Lamborghini to test carbon fiber at the International Space Station - Lamborghini to test carbon fiber at the International Space Station - FREDZONE

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Thus, the automaker plans to send several samples of different composite materials to the International Space Station via an unmanned flight. At the station, the samples will be studied and the results will be used in the design of future super-cars as well as medical devices such as artificial limbs.

In the future, Lamborghini's vehicles will be equipped with parts developed to withstand the harsh conditions of space.

A great first

In a statement, Stefano Domenicali, CEO of the Italian brand, said they were very proud of their project. According to him, Lamborghini will be the first car manufacturer in the world to conduct scientific research on carbon fiber materials on the International Space Station.

The CEO also added that, in addition to being an important example of corporate social responsibility, this mission is completely in line with the company's philosophy and values. According to him, Lamborghini is a brand that has always committed to go beyond the limits in all areas of its business. The brand also wants to be a pioneer in the field of technology.

The conditions of the test

It is known that samples of composite carbon fiber materials will spend six months on the International Space Station. During this time, they will be exposed to all kinds of cosmic radiation, as well as massive temperature variations.

So far, it is unclear what specific components of a luxury car will be manufactured with materials that have been tested in space. Or maybe the entire vehicle will be built with the same characteristics as a spacecraft? Aside from developing new prosthetic designs, there may be another reason why Lamborghini wants to do these tests on the International Space Station. In any case, we will know soon enough.

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