VIDEO. Here is the V12 of the future very exclusive supercar from Lamborghini.

Lamborghini gives news of the next supercar designed and designed by its Squadra Corse department usually dedicated to competition, announced last fall. It will be the second exercise of its kind after the SC18 Alston of 2018. The Italian manufacturer has just published a video of the car engine tested during vehicle tests on the test bench. Discover the teaser!

The engine in question is an atmospheric 6.5L V12 developing 830hp, installed in the center-rear position. On the transmission side, Lamborghini announces an "innovative" self-locking differential. The firm of Sant'Agata Bolognese recalls that this model will be reserved for use on the circuit.

Still a lot of mystery

The supercar will have a monocoque carbon fiber chassis and an aluminum front cradle. It will be equipped with a roof air intake, a double hood air intake and a large rear spoiler, among others.

It will obviously be a limited series. The expected number of copies, like the name of the model, has not yet been revealed. To learn more, you have to be patient. Lamborghini promises a presentation before the end of the year, without further details, and we know that the brand will be absent from the Geneva 2020 show in March.

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