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Remember, it was September 2019, just before frankfurt fair. Lamborghini then lifted the veil on a completely new hypercar completely new, by its style but above all, its hybrid engine. Called Lamborghini Sian, it was then limited to only 63 copies, of course all sold in the wake of its presentation, despite a price exceeding the € 500,000 mark. Logically, we had to expect to discover a discoverable variation shortly, in line with what is done within the Italian brand. So here is officially the Lamborghini Sian Roadster, waited for a few days while the firm unveiled some tempting teasers. And as much to say that this new variant should not leave anyone indifferent…

If the look of the convertible does not change compared to the coupe, except of course the removable roof, we can only be fascinated by its features tortured as possible, even more than the Hurcacan, already very futuristic. Here, everything has been taken to the extreme, with sharp and very aggressive lines, whether at the front with the huge blade and the “Y” optics, or at the back, with a luminous signature composed of hexagons. Note that this variation is presented with a dress Uranus Blue, as well as Oro Electrum rims, the color of which distinguishes the brand's electrified models. Inside, if finesse is not really the order of the day, fans will still appreciate the very modern presentation, almost reminiscent of a spaceship. Blue, gold and white details complete the whole, in a rather original way.

Only 19 copies

If you have followed the news of Lamborghini, and therefore you have looked at the technical sheet of the Sian, you will not be surprised to discover that of the roadster. This takes over the traction chain hybrid coupé, combining a V12 with a small 34 horsepower electric motor, for a total power of 819 horses. The result is a 0 to 100 km / h shot in just 2.9 seconds, for a maximum speed announced at more than 350 km / h. Note that the electric motor here is not powered by a lithium-ion battery but by supercapacitors, allowing according to the brand to store ten times more energy.

If the Sian was already very exclusive, the roadster is even more so, since only 19 copies will be produced in the Sant’Agata factory. Unfortunately, these were all sold, even before the public presentation. The price has not been announced, but it is undoubtedly more than 600,000 €.

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