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The designer Carlos Salaff (ex-Mazda), who became independent to design and build the cars of his dreams, found the Lamborghini Gallardo too ludicrous. It has completely redesigned the body of this racing car to the fabulous V10 engine 5.0 L 530 hp, renamed for the occasion Salaff C2 and initially presented in August 2018 contest of elegance Pebble Beach. The novelty is that this extravagant prototype has just been photographed on behalf of the INK studio by the artist Benedict Redgrove, specialist in hyper-technological still life and rockets of NASA. It took an eye as hard to immortalize – in a studio imitation 2001 the Odyssey of space, this unique model with angular design and fully bodied carbon. As proof, the front part with its gigantic scoop on the ground seems to suck the air, while the rear part with the ten cooling cells, ends with a flapper worthy of a ski jump of the Olympic Games. Thus photographed, this futuristic racing car becomes almost a new car, in any case even more desirable than at its first presentation. Hat low.

The huge scoop shaped snow plow to suck fresh air and stick the bolide on the ground.

The rear wing looks like a jump ski jump.

A profile even more threatening than the original Gallardo.

The ten cells symbolize the ten V-shaped cylinders of the Gallardo.

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