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Is Lamborghini on the way to another record year? This is what seems to be taking shape despite the many difficulties encountered this year, all correlated with the pandemic most of the time. Still, that didn't stop Lamborghini from setting a new one-month sales record, with no less than 738 vehicles delivered worldwide in the month of September alone.

After seven weeks of closure due to the epidemic, the site of Sant'Agata Bolognese has not been idle when it reopens, evidenced by the production of the 10,000th Lamborghini Urus or the assembly of the 10,000th Aventador chassis. Without forgetting the few novelties presented by the brand, namely the Huracán RWD EVO Spyder, the Sián Roadster as well as the Essenza SCV12 developed by Lamborghini Squadra Corse.

Lamborghini posts record deliveries in September Motor1 France - Lamborghini posts record deliveries in September - Motor1 France

A year 2020 on the right track

Overall, this result confirms the good figures presented in recent months by Lamborghini with a total of 2,083 vehicles delivered in the third quarter of 2020. Stefano Domenicali, the current boss of the brand but who will step down at the end of the year to take over the Presidency of Formula 1 Group, said he was satisfied with Lamborghini's results.

"I am very proud of these results: they reaffirm the excellent work we have done in recent years in maintaining our position in the automotive world as an ambitious, desirable and strong brand. Our team has overcome a moment of uncertainty with great flexibility, with foresight and responsiveness. We have experimented with new ways of communicating with customers and enthusiasts, while maintaining our drive to achieve new goals with a constant eye on the future: a hallmark of Lamborghini ".

What about the French market?

For information only, in France, in September 2020, six Lamborghinis have passed, namely three Huracán, two Urus and one Aventador. At the end of September, 41 new Lamborghinis were sold in France, 21 Urus, 14 Huracán and six Aventador. Rather disappointing results for Lamborghini in France with a decline of 64.7% in sales compared to the same period last year.

It must be said that 2019 had been a very good year for the Italian firm in France, in particular thanks to the arrival of the Urus which had sold 86 units over the year, enough to allow the brand to display 156 vehicles sold in France in 2019, an increase of 92.6% compared to 2018.

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