Lamborghini more than ever listening to LMDh Endurance Info - Lamborghini more than ever listening to LMDh - Endurance-Info

Lamborghini is one of the manufacturers looking to see if a commitment to LMDh can be possible in the medium term. The new platform, which will be launched in 2023, has already won over Acura, Audi and Porsche. Giorgio Sanna, boss of Lamborghini Squadra Corse, understood the interest of the formula which allows to race in WEC and IMSA with the same car for the victory in the general.

“We have not set a deadline for a possible engagement in LMDh”, said Giorgio Sanna at Endurance-Info. “You have to see the opportunities. We are still working on an LMDh scenario. Lamborgini has to see what strategy she wants to adopt. 2023 will mark the 60e anniversary of the brand, then we can wait 61 or 62 years to arrive in the premier class. Even if the company is part of the same group as Audi and Porsche, an LMDh program requires resources from a manufacturer like Lamborghini. ”

The return of Stephan Winkelmann at the helm of the constructor of Sant’Agata Bolognese may also help Lamborghini to press the green button: “We recently changed general management, so we continue to work on the technical and commercial aspects of this opportunity. “

To this day, Lamborghini remains very involved in GT3 and Super Trofeo with a new Evo kit in the coming years, certainly 2022 for the Huracan Super Trofeo and 2023 for the GT3 version.

“The vision and objective of Squadra Corse is always to go as high as possible”, Sanna said. “However, I don’t want to dream too much, but rather turn the dream into reality. This is what we did in Super Trofeo and GT3. “

“LMDh is the best opportunity for Endurance”, said the boss of the competition. “We started working in the technical working group meetings from day one, and we continue to be part of this technical working group. For Lamborghini, the United States remains a very important market, which makes this platform even more attractive. I am convinced that it will be a great success because the formula takes into account the competition-customer side. Our current customers are showing interest. We will therefore take a decision internally, but always sharing any type of strategy with Volkswagen Group. “

We can legitimately count on a possible arrival of Lamborghini in LMDh in 2024.