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The competition branch of Lamborghini – the Corsican Squadra – has embarked on the design of a hypercar V12 engine cut for the circuit and nothing else. You have a first glimpse above. This is definitely a good time for billionaires who like to do some laps. Porsche, Ferrari, Ford … and now the brand to the bull.

What do we know for the moment? By the only analysis of the teaser unveiled, there is the presence of an air intake on the roof, a front spoiler blade, a huge rear wing and lines to the least aggressive. It is easy to understand that designers have abandoned certification standards. If we believe the release, this hypercar whose name we do not know yet will not join a particular competition. (And that's a shame because we would have seen joining Aston Martin and Toyota at Le Mans).

Under the hood will enthroned a revisited version of the atmospheric V12 6.5 of the Lamborghini Aventador. The engine had already been pushed up to 770 hp for the Aventador SVJ, but the Corsican Squadra has apparently found resources still unsuspected and announces a power of 830 hp. Oh yes anyway !

This power will be transmitted to the wheels by a six-speed Xtrac sequential gearbox, while the mechanical self-locking mechanism can be parameterized according to the circuit and the conditions of the track. The engine is housed in a steel roll cage, the nose is aluminum and somewhere in between is a carbon fiber monocoque.

That's all we know at the moment. We will follow the project very closely and we will not fail to reveal the new information as they come. We begin to wonder if these hypercars for strictly limited use always move us or if their unattainable side harms their attractiveness …

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