TURBO show – Discovery: Lamborghini, the eternal fighting bull. A brand apart in the great transalpine tradition of sports cars … Genius designer, producer of dreams and excess, director of bestiality and performance … The manufacturer of Santa a gata surely invented the very definition of the coupe of foot in the ass … But how to put it otherwise! With the unshakeable V12 Diablo, Murcielago, Aventador, and even the Gallardo and Huracan with V10 engines at heart, creepy, insanely impressive bugs, are all in some way the heirs of an icon, of a myth that today celebrates its 50 years: the fabulous Countach.

So to evoke this work of mechanical art, Lamborghini offered us this wonderful privilege, that of finding four of them from a private collection, in the Piedmont region, in the vineyards of Barolo … four Countach in one exceptional condition, the very first, the LP400, a 400 S, an LP 500 and the 25th anniversary special series …

Understand in fact ” blue belly, devil or horn ass », Finally, imagine the correct translation … The Countach is a wingless aircraft designed in 1971 with the appearance of a prototype named LP500 which, at the time, caused a sensation and whose will and indeed that of embodying the future of Lamborghini …

And the best way to keep them alive is to roll them. That’s good because I have the chance to board the 400 S with its 400hp V12, second generation, born in 78.

Francesco Stevanin: “ Ah it is better to stay focused … I’m not kidding here … you have to be concentrated because you must always remember that in the Countach there is no electronic assistance “.

Be careful, because the Countach is not easy to tame, but the V12, wanted by Ferruccio Lamborghini makes the car sensational, there could not be other engines.

It’s like a signature, Ferruccio wanted the best and nothing else … and the best is the V12, this is the expression of Lamborghini “.

We couldn’t leave this fantastical convoy without taking a look at the engines, the 3.9 liter 4.0 liter, 5.2, spectacular V12, weber carburetor, master parts, which make the magic of a car without equal, particularly sought after today, the cost of which is beyond what one can imagine … a few million. But the Countach will undoubtedly remain the inspiration for half a century of Lamborghini production, a heritage that is inevitably unmatched.