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Lamborghini, in association with Xiaomi, unveils an electric kart. Named NineBot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition, it costs a whopping $ 1,500.

It has neither V8 nor V12 singing, not 600 horsepower under the hood either and its price does not exceed hundred thousand euros. However, he wears the coat of arms with the gold bull on a black background, that of Lamborghini. " He ", it’s the Ninebot GoKart Pro. An electric kart signed by the Italian manufacturer, in collaboration with Xiaomi (Chinese electronics company).

40 km / h in a Lamborghini kart!

Used to high-end performance and head-turning numbers… hang on your seat belt. This yellow-tinted kart develops a maximum speed of 40 km / h, for an advertised range of 25 kilometers!

It is equipped with a 432 Wh battery with a motor placed in the rear. On this vehicle too, weight distribution is crucial. Lamborghini announces that the pneumatic installation is optimized. It allows for rear drift and front traction when making precise turns.

A rear spoiler and speakers to simulate engine noise

Another unusual feature, the kart has a rear spoiler. Yes, you read that correctly, a rear spoiler. And the latter would apparently provide real aero support to improve the kart's handling. Handy, when you know that the rear pneumatic mount is designed for drifting. One thing is certain, weight level, it must be felt.

Steering comes from Ackermann and the vehicle is designed for an adult weighing up to 100 kilograms. Finally, we told you at the beginning of the article that this kart does not have "Neither V8 nor V12 singing. " Well, mea culpa, that’s not entirely true. Bluetooth speakers can play the sound of a Lamborghini V8 or V12 engine or a playlist of your choice.

For a little, we would even fill up with the beast at the first gas station, before heading to the Nürburgring Nordschleife to set a record. With 25 km of autonomy, there will be enough to complete a lap at 40 km / h, the sound of a big fat V12 in your ears! After the original Lambo V12 for Gran Turismo, the Italian manufacturer has not ceased to amaze us. The price of this karting is in any case $ 1,500.

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