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The future of internal combustion engines appears to be in jeopardy. Many countries have already announced dates to phase out diesel and gasoline engines from their territory. California is the latest. Last week, the southern state of the United States announced that no new cars with gasoline or diesel engines will be permitted for sale in its territory.

Faced with a noose that is tightening, the Volkswagen group will have to review the future of its prestigious brands such as Lamborghini and Bugatti, which will require huge amounts to switch to electric without knowing whether its customers, who thrive on the performance and sound of mechanical explosion, will follow. Volkswagen even hinted that the Ducati division could also end up at auction.

A new reality

Considering the low sales volume of its two divisions, it is arguably unreasonable to believe that the inordinate amounts that will be required to electrify these two prestigious brands will one day be recouped. Reuters reported that the Volkswagen Group was in talks last week with other automakers like Rimac over sharing technology for electric motors or simply selling it outright. The folks at Volkswagen through her big boss Herbert Diess have let it be known that the Aventador replacement is not for nothing. We are trying to find an electrical solution at Volks.

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