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At Rolex 24 last month, IMSA and ACO leaders announced new regulations for 2022, allowing IMSA's new LMDh category to run alongside the FIA ​​Hypercar regulations, while aiming a core curriculum for 2025. Following these announcements, Lamborghini competition director Giorgio Sanna told that the timing could coincide with that of an extension of the brand's activities, currently engaged in GT3 and GTD in Europe and America, as well as in the Super Trofeo. Led by former Ferrari director Stefano Domenicali, the automaker recorded record sales in 2019 with an increase in deliveries of 43%.

"Clearly, the new DPi [LDMh] is an interesting platform, as is the Hypercar regulation for the WEC"said Sanna. "This is one of the categories we are looking at with interest for possible involvement in the future. But today, nothing is decided, it's just an assessment that we will continue to make. We will have to decide when the best time comes [to commit]. "

"The IMSA platform is very strategic for us because North America is our number one market 1. And therefore, having managed to win three years in a row at Daytona [in the GTD category], while developing the Super Trofeo, this represents a very good marketing tool. It promotes the brand and its presence, as well as its sporting side, in the most important market we have in the world. "

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Asked about the objective of long-term convergence between the rules of the two disciplines, Sanna was positive: "Yes, absolutely. This is something that all manufacturers have been insisting on for several years. It is essential to have the strongest possible platform in the endurance world to have this kind of synergy. We are really happy from our point of view, but also for the fans. For us, it is essential to have a global platform that is eligible to run worldwide, because we are an actor [on this scale]. "

The planned convergence would allow manufacturers to race in both IMSA and WEC, and in particular by being able to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans: "Le Mans is the dream of many manufacturers, many teams and many drivers"continues Sanna. "We have to keep the same passion and evolve step by step. But clearly, we are young, we have time to motivate ourselves, so there is no urgency! We are always looking for new opportunities. But we must not keep in mind that Squadra Corse [Lamborghini's competition division] was born just six years ago, and we are really young. "

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Lamborghini technical director enthusiastic

Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini's technical director, was also in Daytona. He is responsible for all road and sports creations, he is a member of the company's board of directors, and has been seen in discussions with the president of IMSA, John Doonan, and other leaders of the brand. . At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Lamborghini revealed the Sián, a hypercar with a hybrid engine, of which only 63 will be produced. During the Super Trofeo World Finals in October, Squadra Corse also unveiled a video teaser of a 6.5-liter V12 hypercar that will be presented at the start of the year and will deliver 840 horsepower.

"We manufacture supercars, and we are a manufacturer of hypercars"said Reggiani to "For me, it is important to understand what the limits are [of the technical regulations] and knowing this, we will decide if [a commitment] makes sense. Let's say that we are sitting by the river and waiting to see what's in the water, to decide if we want to fish or if it's just water. We'll have to wait for Sebring [where details will be provided] before we can make an announcement. "

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Lamborghini admits LMDh rules quotgame changerquot - Lamborghini admits LMDh rules "game-changer" -

Reggiani explains that the GT3 platform, called GT Daytona in IMSA, has "really opened the door for European manufacturers to drive in the United States". He hopes to see this model reproduced on the scale of the first category in the future: "It's a huge success, and I think what they want to do with the [new] DPi is similar. The manufacturers are investing in motorsport on a global scale and not for a country. And the agreement between the "IMSA and ACO is smart, it's the smartest solution. We know costs can go up, so it's important to control them politically and stick to our rules. "

Asked about the possibility of seeing Lamborghini compete for victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Reggiani continues: "I think that's what's sexy about this offer from IMSA and ACO. With the same car, you can take part in the most prestigious races in the world. For each manufacturer, if you decide to invest yourself , you can capitalize in America and Europe, I think this is the biggest change we've seen in motorsport. It's a super exciting opportunity, and we'll need to see how close it gets of our vision of racing. "

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