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Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of Lady Diana, poses for the Harper's Bazaar as often. For this new shoot, she chose Mary Greenwell, the makeup artist of Diana, as a nice nod.

Even childish blond, same big blue eyes, Lady Kitty Spencer, niece of Lady Di, is about to become a star in its own right. Bulgari, a former model for Dolce & Gabbana, is the star of the digital edition of Harper's Bazaar, for which she poses as a true fashion icon and share a snapshot on his Instagram account. For this very important shoot, she chose a famous makeup artist and for good reason, Mary Greenwell was Lady Di's makeup artist !

A nice nod to her aunt, whose simple makeup style has become iconic. In a recent interview with Hello magazine, Mary Greenwell had some confidences about Princess Diana, confident that the only thing she refused to wear was a pair of false eyelashes.

Lady Kitty Spencer, who has the same big blue eyes as Lady Di, has naturally trusted Mary Greenwell, who has since become the official makeup artist of the royal family. She also made makeup Meghan Markle shortly before her engagement with Prince Harry during a shoot for Vanity Fair in 2017.

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A few days earlier, Kitty Spencer was in France in Provence to celebrate Estée Lauder, divine in a princess Alberta Ferretti dress. A future role of muse?

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