Lady Gaga returns to Gucci's Black Widow cinema –


She returns to the cinema in Ridley Scott's film to play Patrizia Reggiani, accused of the murder of Maurizio Gucci.

Since his Oscar nomination for his performance in A Star Is Born, all producers are courting Lady Gaga to extend her cinematic experience. It must be believed that Ridley Scott was the most convincing in this game. According to the Deadline website, she agreed to take the lead role in her adaptation of Sara Gay Forden's book, The Gucci saga – From luxury to murder, from creation to the stock market war.

His role ? That of Patrizia Reggiani, the deceived wife of Maurizio Gucci, the man at the head of the empire in 1995 when shot by a hitman. For two years, the investigators stumble over power games within society, jealousies, organizational changes. They end up arresting Patrizia Reggiani, sentenced to 29 years in prison a year later. In the media, she is immediately nicknamed The Black Widow

the black Widow.

His two daughters have vainly tried to reduce the sentence, on the pretext that she had been operated on a brain tumor, responsible according to them for his behavior. Asked in 2016, she said: "If I could see Maurizio again, I'll tell him I love him, he's the most important person in the world for me." The reporter then asked her what she thought he would answer. "I think he would say that feelings are not reciprocal."

All the ingredients of a touching, touching story are in place. Lady Gaga will be eagerly awaited in this project, which does not yet have a date of filming announced.

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