Pastry for me is childhood. This is what we ate on weekends with the family. A real ritual. It also reminds me of gluttony. I love the apple turnover. The fruit and the flaky pastry go so well together. When I eat a croissant, I always add jam or chocolate. I am also a big fan oflightning bolt chocolate. It’s very complicated to find a good chocolate eclair today. I have been eating it since I was little in the bakery and it is rarely successful. A good flash is a texture very creamy, a choux pastry not too soft, a nice icing not too sweet and well cocoa. And it must be well stocked!

Do not finish it in two bites! The kouign-amann is also a childhood memory. I ate it on vacation in Brittany. I love that. It is even more delicious than a croissant with this very buttery and caramelized side. There is emotion in the kouign-amann! My kouign-amann does not try to compete with the traditional Breton. I want it to burst in the mouth and I add a little fleur de sel, a product that really gives baking pep. It is this kind of modern touch that the pastry chef can bring to the pastry, without wanting to denigrate the bakery. The baker works in the tradition and the daily. The pastry chef is more attentive to the appearance taste, to products; for example by using a specific butter for more flavor. He is also looking for the aesthetics of a beautiful lamination, a gilding that will attract the customer. Everything that makes the elegance of the viennoiserie. “

After a fine career in Parisian catering, (the George V, L ‘Ambrosia, La Grande Cascade …), in Courchevel (La Table du Kilimandjaro, Baumanière Courchevel 1850) and Dubai (One & Only The Palm), Kevin Lacote created his Parisian pastry shop in 2016. A friendly place open to the lab, with a cozy tea room area where you can sit down at breakfast. You can taste or take pastries, travel cakes or homemade creations. Without forgetting the irresistible churros.