Koenigsegg Jesko Hydra: this unique copy is as original as it is ugly

The Koenigsegg Jesko will be one of the fastest vehicles on the planet when it hits the market. But while waiting for its delivery, future customers can only be satisfied with a few returns. Here is just one that prefigures one of the 125 copies. This one will be unique.

Nicknamed Koenigsegg Jesko Hydra, this copy was commissioned by a young American entrepreneur and takes its name from the Hydra of Lerna, a mythological nine-headed creature that must be killed in the 12 labors of Heracles (or Hercules) . This name was chosen because the Jesko has a nine-speed transmission.

First thing you notice when you see this Jesko: its purple forged carbon body. We've seen builders like Koenigsegg use the art of colored carbon fiber in recent years, but the Jesko Hydra takes it one step further. On digital renderings, we can see the apparent carbon fiber and purple flakes that seem to sprinkle the whole thing. In short, we understand that there is work behind!

Exclusive car, unique look!

Otherwise, there are some other elements painted in purple on this Jesko Hydra such as brake calipers, center caps and some aerodynamic elements. The huge fin also has the right to its touch of purple. We also notice the appearance of a small "shark fin" at the rear, between the fixed fin and the roof. What to give an even more aggressive look to this Swedish hypercar.

The interior has also been personalized with touches of purple: stitching, headliner, headrests and even the brand's logo in the center of the steering wheel.

We still do not know how much a Jesko like this will cost, but it is possible that its price exceeds 4 million euros, not to mention the time it will take to take delivery … a problem of rich, n 'is this not ?

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