Kim Kardashian will never forget that October 3, 2016. While sleeping in her hotel in Paris, the businesswoman suffered an armed robbery in which the thieves not only took all her jewelry, but also They even pointed a pistol at his head. This traumatic situation would cause him a lot of anxiety in the following months, an anxiety that he has compared to that suffered due to the pandemic.

The incident she suffered in Paris, which she would later describe as “the most terrifying situation of her entire life,” made Kim somewhat reluctant to go out and socialize with people. “I think I had agoraphobia after my robbery in Paris”, Kim confessed to her sister Khloé in a video broadcast by the news channel E! I liked to stay at home and I didn’t want anyone to get over where I was, or to be seen, “he continued.

The coronavirus pandemic came at the worst time for Kim, as he was still recovering from the robbery. “I felt like I was becoming myself again, I had just left for Paris, I had traveled again … and suddenly, all of the quarantine is over and I don’t want to leave anymore “Kim confessed.

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If she already had a certain fear of showing herself in public (with all that this entails for a person as famous as her), imagine what it was like for her to live this situation in the midst of a pandemic. The businesswoman described an episode suffered after the quarantine in which she was quite overwhelmed by being surrounded by so many people. “I haven’t been out of the house much after quarantine, but once I went to Nobu with Kanye and people kept coming up and asking us for photos. I was so frightened”she told Khloé.

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