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PEOPLE – On November 4, the one who wanted to share its joy with its 28 million subscribers on Twitter, has finally drawn their wrath. Kendall Jenner, who recently appeared at the wedding of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, celebrated her 24th birthday on a motor track, and for a good reason: the Kardashian's little sister wanted to learn how to drift. For some users, it's a misstep.

On the video posted the day after her birthday, we see Kendall Jenner, accompanied by a car driver at the front of a black Rolls Royce while rapper Tyler the creator and Fai Khadra are installed in the back. The professional makes several rounds of car crunching tires, causing a thick smoke in the air.

A series of ten shots, accompanied by the following message: "Yesterday, we all pulled out our cars and I learned how to drift, scroll because this bullshit really made me happy."

A few minutes later, some Internet users have stepped into the niche. Indeed, many subscribers have reacted to videos shared by Kim Kardashian and have judged this practice irresponsible because of the environmental impact it represents. Some even used Greta Thunberg's cult phrases to express their dissatisfaction.

"The sisters have an environmental conscience …"

"For Kendall's birthday, we polluted the planet more than it is but we complain about plastic straws on the Internet"

"Why drive like this and produce even more pollution?"

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