A woman wanted to take a baby from the colony 2

Weeks ago, Jazmín F. opened her profile on the Cafecito social network, where young people receive money when they ask for support for their artistic activities. Jasmine, 25, poet, theater student, organizer of cultural events according to herself, offered a simple transaction: a reading of a poem for 50 pesos. Through her Instagram account, Jazmín offered various raffles: tarot reading, or astrological birth chart.

“I swear in life I would have imagined it”, says an acquaintance of the bohemian and hippie circuit that the young woman used to frequent, among online magazines where she published her verses.

Today, Jasmine sits in a cell after her house in Caballito was searched, detained and held incommunicado while waiting for Judge Alejandra Provitola that gathers the evidence to investigate her tomorrow for an extremely serious crime: the abduction of a minor and possible sexual abuse. The victim: a 6-year-old boy who She withdrew under the alleged pretense of being her nanny when she left the Club Oeste vacation colony in Caballito.

The boy, safe today, was held captive for half an hour. Both went found in the hammock area of ​​Rivadavia Park by the City Police.

Provitola, for now, try to determine or rule out variables: 24 hours after the event, there is no hypothesis. It is unknown whether Jazmín acted supported by accomplices, with a plan, or impulsively, whether it is attributable or not.

So, the judge goes for key measures.

E3XF5GFJIRASLIPQW5FFC2VMQM - Justice investigates the mental health of Caballito's false nanny: the six-year-old boy declares in Gesell chamber
The West Club, where the event began.

Provitola not only requires the defendant’s medical history to rule out or confirm mental health issues: also order psychiatric and psychological examinations, as confirmed by sources in the case Infobae.

It is also expected that the minor’s family -whose mother and aunt made strong statements this morning before various media- declare in court this afternoon: the medical examination to confirm or rule out signs of abuse in the boy will be carried out privately.

For now, today at noon in the Forensic Medical Corps a group of psychologists will take what will be perhaps the most important statement of the whole case: the Gesell camera testimony of the boy. What you say will be key to sustaining or modifying the grade.

“When I spoke with my baby, he told me that he was in the room where the children gather, waiting for the parents to come”, assured his mother. When he asked his son about the episode, the youngest remembered it perfectly: “He told me that someone was in that courtyard, a girl, grabs his hand tightly, asks his name and says, ‘Come on, the door is open.’

The teacher in charge of the boy, for now, was kicked out of the West club.

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