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Posthumous album, books, shows … Two years after his death, the artist continues to fuel the passion of his fans.

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Johnny Hallyday's albums sold in a supermarket in Reims on October 18, 2018. FRANCOIS NASCIMBENI / AFP

At the approach of the two years of the death of Johnny Hallyday, December 5, 2017, at the age of 74, the singer is again present with the release of books, records and shows. History of being in a career started in the late 1950s, The Johnny Encyclopedia, Christian Eudeline, proves to be a useful sum. In the form of a dictionary, with more than 2,600 entries, "Aber", Georges, author and adapter, especially in the 1960s, Anglo-Saxon successes in French for Hallyday, to the Italian "Zucchero Who recorded two duets with Hallyday. Songs, albums in the studio and in public have a record. But above all, Christian Eudeline highlights those who worked with Hallyday. Until the darkest of musicians, authors, who have been there only the time of a song.

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The memories of musicians, precisely, serve as material for other books. Harmonist Greg Zlap, whose real name is Szlapczynski, whose On the road with Johnny, is accompanied by the mention "282 concerts, 10 years of complicity", journal of moments spent on stage, in the studio, in the boxes during the tours. Same with My 1,000 concerts with Johnny, guitarist Robin Le Mesurier, who can claim "23 years of rock'n'roll with Johnny Hallyday" indicated by a red banner.

The Olympia is complete

In the discs department, the release Friday, October 25th of the album simply titled Johnny is already a commercial success, with 150,000 copies sold a week after its release. It is with a symphonic adornment that it is heard. As in previous editions devoted to Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison or Aretha Franklin, vocal tracks have been isolated, to which have been added strings, brass and chorus. Very convincing. The overabundance orchestrale adding to the songs already well loaded as I love you, Envy, Live for the best or Requiem for a fool, and choices of voice tracks rather in excess. Something from Tennessee, Mary or The abandoned singer, the narrower orchestration on the strings, the melodic highlighting, narrowly escaped.

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