The announcement brings a breath of positivity to the employees of the Lannionnais site of Nokia. Of the 211 employees still without a solution at the end of January – after the company cut 239 jobs – 203 have finally found a lifeline, eight of them still looking for a prospect. The information fell after a meeting of the follow-up committee for the job protection plan (PSE) on Thursday morning. “Today, in Lannion, there are still eight solutions to be found,” reveals Bernard Trémulot, CFDT delegate. “During this whole period of volunteering, there was, as we knew, a lot of things that happened”. Between internal reclassification, voluntary departures and recruitment announcements from several companies in Lannion, the situation has partially improved.

As part of the voluntary departure phase, some employees left the company to pursue their projects and make way for other employees whose jobs were threatened. “There are also people whose positions have been deleted and who no longer want to hear from Nokia,” said Bernard Trémulot. “They are candidates to leave the company and find a job outside”, he adds.

Orange, Qualcomm and B-com to the rescue

Other players in the telecoms field have offered solutions. “For Qualcomm, we are talking about ten proposals. I know that there are colleagues who have left for Orange, but I do not know in what proportion, ”continues the CFDT representative. “And, indeed, at B-com, they advertised 70 positions on Lannion. For me there are about twenty colleagues who have found a solution there ”. Recruitments within this technological research institute should be spread over the whole of 2021.

For its part, Nokia had announced the creation of a cybersecurity center in the Lyon technology park, following negotiations with the State.

“The process is delayed”

A considerably slowed-down process, as the union representatives observed. “For us, the Nokia process was still behind schedule: we were promised these positions in mid-December,” explains Bernard Trémulot. Last January, Yann Le Flanchec (CGT) called for the opening of 97 cybersecurity positions “before January 29, 2021”. The Finnish group only opened applications for positions at the future research center on February 10. “The first job advertisements have appeared – for about fifteen profiles – so the recruitment process is underway, but, for the moment, we do not know how many solutions this will generate”, concludes Bernard Trémulot.

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