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jean marie le guen succede a jean louis borloo au conseil dadministration de huawei 1380305 - Jean-Marie Le Guen succeeds Jean-Louis Borloo on Huawei's board of directors -
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Former Secretary of State for Relations with Parliament (2014-2016) Jean-Marie Le Guen has joined the board of directors of Huawei France, the Chinese company announced on Sunday (September 13). The one, who was also Secretary of State for Development and Francophonie (2016-2017), succeeds Huawei's board of directors from former Minister Jean-Louis Borloo, who left office in May. "We are very excited and welcome Jean-Marie Le Guen to our board of directors. His experience and vision will be a valuable asset for our group," Weiliang Shi, president of Huawei said in a statement. France, confirming information from the Journal du Dimanche.

Former Secretary of State of François Hollande in the governments of Manuel Valls, to whom he is close, and of Bernard Cazeneuve, Jean-Marie Le Guen is also a doctor of medicine and a former deputy. He took up his duties as administrator "in September 2020", specifies Huawei. "He succeeds Jean-Louis Borloo, director of Huawei France since 2016, who left office in May 2020".

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In the Journal du Dimanche, Jean-Marie Le Guen said he was "a little spurred on by the Trumpian diktats". "I think they are, when it comes to Huawei, quite unfounded and unfair. Above all, they are contrary to the interests of Europe and France." "There are people who, out of habit and out of conformism, may be too sensitive to American sirens," he says again. "For my part, I believe that the key word in this area is cooperation. At the same time, my position is very clear and, I have checked it with Huawei, we accept the idea of ​​regulation" .

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Washington has increased pressure on its allies in recent months to ban Huawei's 5G equipment, an area in which the group is a leader, arguing risks in terms of cybersecurity. Huawei is also on an American blacklist to prevent it from acquiring "made in USA" technologies essential to its phones. The firm is suddenly forced to accelerate the development of its own technologies.

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